Word Customization

Word 2007: Customizing the Ribbon

Word 2007: Registry tweaks


Changing the Default Settings

Creating a Template – The Basics

Creating a Template (Part 2)

What do Templates and Add-ins store?

Templates for forms

Listing Word Add-ins

Save a preview image for a template

Register (or re-register) a DLL or OCX file

Prevent users editing the header

Installing VBA add-ins to the correct path

Update a document's styles without Organizer

Menus and shortcuts

Exploiting AutoCorrect

Get AutoCorrect Options back in Word 2013 and Word 2016

Using AutoText

Default Paragraph Font Explained

How to customise a toolbar or menu

How to assign a hot-key

Assigning custom button images to toolbars

Display keyboard shortcuts in a menu

Disable the web toolbar

Restoring a command to a menu

Fixing the Cell Alignment buttons in Word 2000+

Workarounds for Word 2000+ Table Properties dialog

Using the Work menu

Create a bookmarks menu

Adding the Insert Frame command to the Insert menu


Replace text anywhere in a document

How to get Word (and Excel) to scroll at the speed you want

When I open a document, it creates a new taskbar icon

Removing the Office Assistant

Customizing Word 2000 File Open & File Save dialog boxes

Tiling documents vertically

Open the most recently used document automatically

Backup and restore AutoCorrect entries

Content of the registry Word Data Key

Preventing file associations being hijacked

Force the Task Pane visible