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Mail merge FAQ

Sub-categories: [Beginners' Tips] [Formatting mail merge results] [Special Merges] [Miscellaneous]


Beginners' tips

How to create a Mail Merge

Creating a Mail Merge Data Source

Making your mail merge intelligent by using IF fields

Turning Word into a pseudo-database by using Mail Merge Query Options 

Formatting mail merge results

How to force Word to use the number format you want in a mail merge field

How to force Word to use the date format you want in a mail merge field

How to get a mail merge to show the merge results in the same font in which the mergefield is formatted

How to retain any special font formatting you may have in the Word Data Source

How to change the case of the mail merge result

How to display database Yes/No information as Yes/No or as a checkbox in a mail merge field result

Special merges

How to mail merge to email with attachments

How to do a mail merge to the printer using VBA, without displaying the Print dialog
Or in the case of Word 2002, how to do the opposite!

How to do an international mail merge, with barcodes, from the US

How to merge in a picture from a database

How to list multiple items using a single condition
Sometimes, you want to create a mail merge where you can list several items for one particular category, such as the invoices for each customer

How to Create an address book using a mail merge

How to suppress duplicate records during a mail merge

How to Merge blocks of formatted text from separate source files during a mail merge

How to save each mail merged letter as a separate file

How to put barcodes in a mail merge form letter


I have a Name column which I want to split into FirstName, LastName – how can I do it?

How to convert addresses into a Mail Merge Data Source

Sequentially numbering multiple copies of single document using a mailmerge

How to show the complete list of available merge fields when the list is very long

Mail merge field names in a Word document linked to an Excel Data Source have an underscore appended to them