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Lene Fredborg has taken over maintenance of this website on behalf of the Word MVPs and in service to the community of Word users worldwide. If you find problems with links or other issues that prevent this site from working properly, you can contact Lene Fredborg.

Please note that there are no immediate plans to update articles on this website or to add new articles. However, problems with broken links and other issues that prevent the site from working properly will be handled.


Looking for free help on using Word?

Check out individual Word MVP websites

In addition to the help you find on this website there are a lot of places you can find free help. Many of the Microsoft Word MVPs have their own websites with useful information you can access for free. You will find links to such websites on the About page.

If you are having difficulty with an article, you can post a question to the forums. See "Ask questions about Microsoft Word – for free!" below.

NOTE: A number of the Word MVPs are consultants who may be able to offer you solutions for a fee. If you are interested in such services, you can contact the MVP in question. You will find links to MVP websites on the About page. Given the authors of the articles on this website tend to be amongst the top experts in the world in their field, you should be aware that their professional fees are generally at the top end of the scale. To avoid disappointment: few would be able to accept a job worth less than $500.


Access help directly from Word

In Word, press F1. It's the Help Key. To get help, type in your question, or a couple of words that describes what kind of help you're looking for. For example, try "table of contents" or "insert picture" or "page numbers".

If you have Word 2016, you can type your question directly in the Tell me field to the right of the tabs in the Ribbon.


Ask questions about Microsoft Word – for free!

You can ask a question about Word and other Microsoft products at the Microsoft Answers site. Select the relevant category, topic, sub-topic, etc. Examples:

You will most likely see that many questions in the forums are answered by Word MVPs. Most of the MVPs who participate there have written a profile. Click the author name in a post to see the profile. You may find information there about how you can contact the author.


Contacting Microsoft

If you have a suggestion for Microsoft

If you have a suggestion about the functionality of Word, newer versions of Word allow you to to send feedback directly from within Word. You can, for example, select the Help tab in the Ribbon > Feedback.

If you need support from Microsoft

You may have to pay. Generally, Microsoft will provide free help to "install" the product. But once you have installed it, they will normally charge for further help. To get started, click here..

Help with Word on the Macintosh

Click here to ask questions about Macintosh Word [Lene Fredborg, 14-Jun-2020: Removed outdated link to]