Tables, fields & forms FAQ

Tables and table-related fields

Table basics

Why don't my table borders print?

Run for the border: using borders in Word

The strait and narrow: using columns

Keeping a table together on one page

How do I control where the page breaks will fall in a table which extends over several pages?
Or: if I insert a manual page break, then my table heading is not repeated on the next page
Or: I added an extra row to my table, and suddenly, all but the first row jumped to the next page

Maximising the performance of Word tables

How can I resize a table to fit the page's width?

How to centre a left-justified table (or left or right-justify a centred one)

How to Create a Multi-column Word Table Where Each Column Has Individual Cell Heights

Table Cell Shading – White Space – Troubleshooting

How to fix the Word 2000+ Cell Alignment buttons

How to sidestep the problems of the Word 2000 (and higher) Table Properties dialog

Is there a way to add custom table formats to the Table Autoformat list?

I tried to use the { =SUM(ABOVE) } formula in a table but the answer was obviously incorrect

How to get a formula field to total an entire table column, even if some cells in the column contain text or are blank

Floating objects in Word 2000 table cells are vertically aligned wrongly
Whenever I insert a graphical object (picture, drawing object, etc.) into a Word 2000 table cell I lose the vertical formatting. The text is always aligned at the top of the cell, instead of being centered or at the bottom of the cell. Why, and what can I do about it?

I have a Name column which I want to split into FirstName, LastName – how can I do it?

How to convert a Word table into an Access database

How to use relative cell references in Word table formulas [Lene Fredborg, 10-Jan-2020: Removed outdated link to]

How to link a Word table with a Word graph

See also the Tables section on the Macros/VBA tab

Forms, protected documents and form-related fields

How to hide a Print CommandButton on a document form when the user clicks on it

How to enable the spellchecker in a protected document

Using hyperlinks in protected forms

How to change the behaviour of Word's document protection, so users formfields don't get reset when they unprotect and reprotect

I'm designing a form that needs to have fill-in-the-blanks lines. What is the best way to create them?

Making groups of Check Box Form Fields mutually exclusive (so that they behave like radio buttons)

The best way to select a form field using VBA

How to set the "tab order" of a Word form

How to validate the contents of a formfield in a Word form

How to find the name of the current formfield

How to set the result of a text formfield using VBA, if the string is longer then 256 characters

How to set the result of a text formfield in a Word 2000 table, using VBA, if the string contains carriage returns

How to assign a Name to a FormField that doesn't already have a Name, using VBA

How to link a Word table with a Word graph

Other fields

How to Use IncludeText Fields

Making a date
Or: I put the date at the top of my letter using Insert Date. Why doesn't the date update to the current date when I later print the letter?
Or: I don't want the date on my letter to change every time I print a copy. How can I make it stay the same?

How to control the page numbering in a Word document

Is there an automatic way to create a non-blank, even-numbered page at the end of a chapter, if the chapter would otherwise end on an odd page?

Customizing your table of contents with switches

How to insert captions that include chapter numbers, in documents where some Heading styles are not built-in
For example, if your Appendix Heading styles are not built-in

How can I use an AutoNum field but suppress the period after the number or use a different separator character?

How to insert the filename and path on the last page of a document, such that it will be updated automatically if the filename or path changes

How can I create a fraction in Word that isn't in any of the fonts I have?

How to convert the hyperlinks in a document to plain text
Or: How to prevent URLs from being converted to hyperlinks while I type

How to add pop-up lists to any Word document, so you can click your way through changes in seconds
Or how to use the AutoTextList field

Using MacroButton fields

Using AddIn Fields

How to create a template that makes it easy for users to fill in the blanks, without doing any programming

Run a macro when a user double-clicks a button in the document

Using {Macrobutton} fields to insert information from the Outlook Address Book into documents such as letters

How to use Hyperlink fields to add screen tips to text in Word

How cross-reference fields in Word work

How properties and DocProperty fields work/

Cross-reference Problems – Troubleshooting

Updating Fields in Word – How it Works

Word Fields – Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Enable a user to double-click text in a document to change its value

Displaying Double Quotes in Word field results [Lene Fredborg, 10-Jan-2020: Removed outdated link to]

Working with field codes [Lene Fredborg, 10-Jan-2020: Removed outdated link to]