Numbering FAQ


Word's numbering explained

How to remove manually typed numbering from a document

How to safely update a document's styles from its template without using the Organizer (and how to make the Tools + Templates and Add-ins dialog safe)

Page Numbering

Page X of Y displays or prints as Page 1 of 1, Page 2 of 2 (or Page 2 of 1) and so on

How to control the page numbering in a Word document

Why do all the page numbers in my Word 2002 document display as 0?

How to set up a document with front matter numbered separately

I want to include the chapter number with the page number in the Header – how can I do this?
Or: If a particular section changes, I want to be able to print out just that section and give it to our employees to replace the old copy with the new one

How to achieve continuous page numbering across separate files

List Numbering

Word's numbering explained

Methods for restarting list numbering

How to find out the number, or list level, or outline level, that is applied to a list-numbered paragraph, using VBA


Whenever I update my Table of Contents it acquires unwanted tabs, and I have to press Ctrl+Q to get rid of them

Customizing your table of contents with switches

Is there an automatic way to create a non-blank, even-numbered page at the end of a chapter, if the chapter would otherwise end on an odd page?

How can I use an AutoNum field but suppress the period after the number or use a different separator character?

Create a numbered list using SEQuence fields

How to insert captions that include chapter numbers, in documents where some Heading styles are not built-in
For example, if your Appendix Heading styles are not built-in

Creating sequentially numbered documents (such as invoices)

Sequentially numbering multiple copies of single document using a macro

Sequentially numbering multiple copies of single document using a mailmerge

How to create a reverse numbering sequence in Word

How to generate a number sequence like Excel uses to number columns
   A...Z, AA, AB, AC etc.

How to right-align autonumbers in a list created using Format Bullets & Numbering

How to display millions in text number format, using CardText or DollarText number formats