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About this site

On this site you will find hundreds of articles about Word. The articles are at various levels of difficulty: some are designed for people just getting started with Word; some are more appropriate to application solution developers.

Most of the content on this site has been supplied by Microsoft Word MVPs. But some contributors are from the forums.

Please understand that this site and all Word articles on the site have been done entirely by volunteers using whatever time we have had available in between going to work and having a life. We do not offer free personal help through this site. Most of us, however, do provide free answers to questions asked on the Microsoft Answers site. See Contact for more details.


Word versions

Most of the articles on this site were written for Word versions before Word 2007 was released but some articles are newer. Many of the articles have been updated over the years but only a few of the articles have been updated to the newest versions of Word. The information in most of the articles is still useful, also to users of the newest versions of Word. If you are in doubt what Word version you have, see How to find out what version of Word you have.

Maintenance plans for this site

From its founding in 2000 until late January 2017, this site was graciously hosted at word.mvps.org by the volunteers at mvps.org. Now mvps.org has been closed down. To save the content from being lost and in service to the community of Word users worldwide, the content was moved to wordmvp.com by Lene Fredborg who will also maintain the site.

A lot has happened with the Internet since this site was started. For example, many of us now have our own websites where we provide different types of Word help, macros, add-ins, etc. You will find links to such websites on the About page. Therefore:


Changed URL – old links to articles at word.mvps.org are automatically redirected to the Word MVP Site at wordmvp.com

You may have come here via a search or via a new link provided by a Word MVP or someone else who wanted to point you to one of the articles.

As explained above, all content on this site has been moved from word.mvps.org to wordmvp.com. All old links pointing to word.mvps.org are automatically redirected to wordmvp.com. If possible, the redirect will go to the page with the article the old link pointed to. If that page cannot be found, a page with tips on how to find what you were looking for will be shown instead.

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About MVPs

MVP stands for Most Valuable Professional. You can read more on the About page.

We're volunteers. We do not work for Microsoft!  We want to make that point up front, because many of us have received angry emails blaming us for perceived Microsoft shortcomings. This site, the time it has taken to create and maintain it, the hardware it runs on, and the bandwidth it consumes, are all a voluntary contribution from private individuals who just happen to love pushing Word to its limits. However we have no greater influence than you do on the Microsoft Corporation. So please allow us gently to suggest that you contact Microsoft if you have a message for or suggestion for Microsoft.

Find out what the MVP Program is, who the Word MVPs are and even what some of us look like!



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