Userforms FAQ

How to create a Userform

Intercept the Close button (X) in the title bar of a userform

Disabling the close button

How to find out which Items are selected in a Multi-Select ListBox

How to customise the Control Toolbox in the VBA Editor
So you don't have to set up all the properties for your controls every time you add one to a UserForm

Implementing a Progress Bar in Word VBA

Creating a Splash Screen with a UserForm

Making a UserForm show above a newly created Word 2000+ document

Adding a right-click context menu to VBA UserForm TextBoxes, so that you can use the right mouse button to copy, paste, etc., as you can with normal Windows dialogs

How to load the contents of a ListBox or ComboBox directly into an array

Text too wide for a ListBox or ComboBox entry

How to intercept the user pressing a particular keyboard key when a UserForm control has the focus

Problem running a UserForm from an Autoexec macro

Extracting a picture from an Image Control in a UserForm

De-selecting a Selected Item in a Single-Select Listbox

Displaying a message box after using ListBoxName.List() in a double-click event disables all other UserForm controls