Information on general Word usage

Getting started

Shauna Kelly's gentle introduction to Word

Is there life after "Reveal Codes?"

How Word differs from WordPerfect

Some Tips and Gotchas for those new to Word

Most useful Word shortcuts

Word commands and keystrokes

Backing up your work

Inserting special characters

How to create fractions in Word

Working with sections

Cleaning up text pasted from the Web

Where's the Paper Manual, Dammittt?!?!?!?

The rand “virus” (creating dummy text)

Find & replace

Finding and replacing non-printing characters

Finding and replacing using wildcards

Finding and replacing symbols

Delete HTML tags or bracketed strings

Transpose dates from mm/dd/yy to yy/mm/dd

Eliminate carriage returns at the end of each line

Put a page break in front of each Heading 1 paragraph

Modify the path or filename in hyperlink fields

Replace specific instances of a character

Remove all empty paragraphs from a document

Use Find to select to the first found item

Replace text in quotation marks

Spelling and correction

Edit your custom spelling dictionary

Remove a word from the spelling dictionary

Get proofing tools for other languages than your own

Changing the default language in Word


WordPerfect to Word converter limitations

Condense Word 2000 HTML

Convert Lotus WordPro files into Word

Create a PDF

Master Documents

Recover a master document

Why master documents corrupt

International issues

Inserting special characters

Finding and replacing symbols

Inserting Hebrew vowels in a document

STYLEREF Fields and Language-specific Style Names

Create List of Local Built-in Style Names


Outline levels and the document map

Automatically saving

Open new documents in a specified view

The Work menu

View document full screen

Using ToolsCalculate

Assign a Word command or macro to a toolbar or menu

Assign a Word command or macro to a hot-key

Assigning custom button images to your toolbar and menu buttons

Automatically insert hyperlinks

Print a list of the contents of any folder?

Get the names of all the folders in the folder tree

How to add pop-up lists to a Word document

How to create a bookmarks menu

Automatically display the document version number

How to make hidden files and folders visible

How to show the Developer tab in the Ribbon

How to find out what version of Word you have

How to find the Word STARTUP folder

How cross-reference fields in Word work

How properties and DocProperty fields work/

How track changes in Word works/

How highlight in Word works

Cross-reference Problems – Troubleshooting

Updating Fields in Word – How it Works

Word Fields – Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Troubleshooting – Word Fails to Show Font Name and Other Formatting Values – Shows Blank Fields