Formatting and Layout FAQ

Styles and Outline View

Using Outline View

Creating a Template

Typographical Tips from Microsoft Publisher

Normal and Body Text styles explained

Default Paragraph Font explained

Modifying the appearance of envelopes

Putting a page break before each heading

Creating conditional cross reference labels for numbered headings

List of Word style names in English, Danish, German, French

Create list of local built-in style names

Page layout & general formatting

Front Matter in Word 2007

Footnote, Endnote, and Bibliography

Set up front matter in a document

Unexplained indent at top of page

Non-printing display characters explained

Is there life after Reveal Codes?

Setting tabs

Using Word's rulers

Using columns

Working with sections

Advanced tools for managing headers and footers

Copy an entire document without the header and footer

Copy text and retain numbers when pasting

Tips and tricks for copy fitting

Modifying envelopes

Footnotes spanning columns

Headings spanning columns

Unwanted tabs in TOC

Customizing the TOC

Generating indexes

Booklet printing

Print two pages on one sheet of paper

Portrait page number on a landscape page

Preventing layout change on different computer

Unexpected formatting changes

Formatting applied to one paragraph affects the entire document

Customising footnote numbering

Keeping with next if colon at end of paragraph

Keeping footnotes with their text

Generating dummy text

Zero-width spaces control wordwrap

Formatting labels [Lene Fredborg, 10-Jan-2020: Removed outdated link to]

Creating fractions

Cleaning up text pasted from the Web

Add screen tips to text in Word

Printing problems and fonts

The bottoms of pages don't print

Printing ranges of pages

Printing table borders

Font problems

Font list shows only one or two fonts

Required fonts for Office operation

Print samples of every font

Print white text on a black background

Print colored text in pure black & white

Borders and lines

Lines you can't delete

Designing forms to fill in on screen