Troubleshooting Word:mac

Go to troubleshooting information on Word for Windows.

Start with The Basics!  Many problems are solved by Updating and by Repairing Disk Permissions.  Don’t be tempted to skip over this section because you think your problem isn’t “basic” – it may very well turn out to be.

The Basics

Update Office

Repair Disk Permissions (and other Disk issues)

Diagnose Your Problem  

Things to Avoid

Specific Issues

Asterisks Bug:  This one is nasty.  Click here for work-arounds.

Font Weeding.  If the application hangs and freezes a lot, particularly at startup, see here.

Can't Open Files:  This can be because of non-letter characters in the file name or path.  See here.

Can't Save to Server:  Sorry: this one is still with us.  Microsoft thought they had fixed it, but it's back.  There's a Severity 1 incident open on it.

Word won't open documents the way I left them.  It will now!