How to get a true full screen view

Article contributed by Lutz Gentkow Lutz Gentkow and Dave Rado

In Word 97 and above, when you go into Full Screen View, a command bar displays, containing nothing but a Close button. Given that you can close Full Screen View simply by pressing the Escape key, you might find this toolbar an annoying distraction.

You can disable this feature forever simply by running the following macro once. If you ever want the toolbar to come back, you can change the macro as indicated in the comments below and run the macro again.

Sub BanishFullScreenToolbar()

  CommandBars("Full Screen") .Enabled = False
   'Change 'False' to 'True' if you ever want to re-enable the Toolbar

End Sub

Or if you wanted to, you could put this code into an AutoExec macro.

On the other hand, if you do want  the Full Screen toolbar to display when a user selects View + Full Screen, but don't want it to display while running a macro of your own, you would need to intercept the ToggleFull command (which is invoked when you use the menu), as follows:

Sub ToggleFull()

    CommandBars("Full Screen").Enabled = True
    ActiveWindow.View.FullScreen = Not ActiveWindow.View.FullScreen

End Sub

That allows you to disable the toolbar in other macros, safe in the knowledge that it will be re-enabled when a user selects the menu item.

Sub AnotherMacro()

  CommandBars("Full Screen").Enabled = False
  ActiveWindow.View.FullScreen = True

End Sub