How can I print a range of pages that spans more than one section of a document

Article contributed by Bill Coan

The print dialog box recognizes p1s1 to mean page one of section one. The easiest way to remember this syntax is to compare it to the page numbering shown in Word's status bar, which shows Page 1 Section 1.

View the first and last pages of that range and note the page and section numbers listed in the status bar. Let's assume the first page to be printed is Page 1, Section 3 and the last page to be printed is Page 3, Section 7. To print this entire range of pages, enter the following string into the Pages field of the print dialog: p1s3-p3s7.

You can also print non-contiguous sections, for instance: s1,s3,p2s4-p7s4.  Or if you have only one section, 1,3,5-9,11,18-50.