How to set the paper tray to be used when printing

Article contributed by Dave Rado

Use code such as the following:

Dim OriginalFirstPageSetting As Long, OriginalOtherPagesSetting As Long

With ActiveDocument.PageSetup
    'First get the current settings so you can return to them at the end
    OriginalFirstPageSetting = .FirstPageTray
    OriginalOtherPagesSetting = .OtherPagesTray
    'Then set the trays the way you want them
    .FirstPageTray = wdPrinterUpperBin
    .OtherPagesTray = wdPrinterUpperBin


    'Return to original settings
    .FirstPageTray = OriginalFirstPageSetting
    .OtherPagesTray = OriginalOtherPagesSetting

End With

When you type ".FirstPageTray =", a list of the supported constants pop up and you can choose the one you want. If still in doubt, you could record setting the options using File + Page Setup.