Scroll all open documents the same percentage as the active document

Article contributed by Bill Coan

Scroll the active document to the desired point, then run a macro that scrolls all other open documents to the same percentage.

The following code is written for Word 97. It looks at how far you've scrolled the active window, then scrolls all other document windows the same percentage. Of course, if one document is 10 pages long and another is 100 pages long, then a 50% vertical scroll would put you on page 5 in one document and page 50 in the other.

Sub ScrollAllWindowsALike()

Dim myWindow As Window
Set myWindow = ActiveWindow
ScrollPercent = myWindow.VerticalPercentScrolled

For Each oWindow In Application.Windows
    oWindow.VerticalPercentScrolled = ScrollPercent
Next oWindow


End Sub