Force the user to save documents into a particular folder or a subfolder of that folder

Article contributed by Bill Coan

Use a FileSave macro that will run in place of Word's own built-in File Save routine. The macro allows the user to save directly to a target folder or to a subfolder within that folder, but not to a location outside the target folder.

To modify this macro for your own needs, change the path to whatever you want in the line:

.Name = "C:\My Documents\Test"

... and modify both the path and the number of characters in the Left$ test, in the line:

If Left$(CurDir, 20) <> "C:\My Documents\Test" Then

Sub FileSave()

Dim UserSaveDialog As Dialog
Set UserSaveDialog = Dialogs(wdDialogFileSaveAs)

'save changes if doc has been saved previously
If ActiveDocument.Path <> "" Then
    Exit Sub
End If

With UserSaveDialog
    .Name = "C:\My Documents\Test"
    If .Display Then
        'if user doesn't click Cancel button,
        'quit with message if user has switched out of target folder,
        'but don't quit if user has made a
        'subfolder within the target folder
        If LCase$(Left$(CurDir, 20)) <> "c:\my documents\test" Then
            MsgBox "Documents can't be saved in that folder. Please try again."
            Exit Sub
        End Iff

        'save the document according to user preferences
    End If
End Withh

End Sub

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