How to remove manually typed numbering from a document

Article contributed by Dave Rado

You can use the old Word 2 command:

WordBasic.ToolsBulletsNumbers Replace:=0, Type:=1, Remove:=1

If not familiar with using macros, see What do I do with macros sent to me by other users to help me out?

This command is particularly useful for removing manually typed numbering from Headings in a document you have been emailed, prior to applying List Numbering. If you go into Outline View, set the Heading Level to the number of levels you need to remove the typed numbering from, and run the above line, it will just remove numbering from those Headings and will leave the body text alone. Or you can use the following macro to do the same thing:

Sub RemoveNumbersFromHeadings()

ViewType As Long, ShowHeadingLevel As Long, MyRange As Range

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
'Set Range variable to current selection so it can be returned to at the end
Set MyRange = Selection.Range
'Set variable to current View so it can be returned to at the end
ViewType = ActiveWindow.View.Type
'Switch to Outline View
ActiveWindow.View.Type = wdOutlineView

'Checks the state (using the ID in case the tolbar has been customised) of _
all the ShowHeadings buttons on the Outline toolbar; if none are depressed, _
then it must be set to ShowAll. Stores result in a variable so that _
the same level can be returned to at the end of the macro

ShowHeadingLevel = 71 To 77
    If CommandBars.FindControl(ID:=ShowHeadingLevel).State Then
        ShowHeadingLevel = (ShowHeadingLevel - 70)
        Exit For
    End If
Next ShowHeadingLevel
'if none of the heading level buttons depressed sets variable to 1
If ShowHeadingLevel = 78 Then ShowHeadingLevel = 1

ActiveWindow.View.ShowHeading 3

WordBasic.ToolsBulletsNumbers Replace:=0, Type:=1, Remove:=1

If ShowHeadingLevel = 0 Then
    ActiveWindow.View.ShowHeading ShowHeadingLevel
End If

ActiveWindow.View.Type = ViewType

Set MyRange = Nothing

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

End Sub

Getting Help with WordBasic Commands

Download the old WordBasic help file here

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