Numbering in action

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Let's take a simple technical manual: It has a TOC, Index, Five Chapters and numbered headings. That's one outline numbered list so far. 

In the body, there are some footnotes: a numbered list. There are some numbered steps, also a numbered list. It also has two multi-level numbered lists, which in this case will be two separate outline lists.

In the footer there is a Page X of Y page number, and in the body, some figure captions. These are two field-based lists: one is automatic (using LISTNUM fields), the captions are manual (using SEQ fields).

This is a simple example, so let's stop there. The following pages will go through the various kinds and types of numbering in the document and explain some of the pitfalls.

Page numbering
Tables of contents
Chapter numbering
Heading numbering
Simple Lists
Outline Lists
Field numbers
Professional issues