How To Back Up Your Work

Article contributed by John McGhie

One of the fundamentals of life is that if you are not planning to succeed, you have already planned to fail. This is revealed very starkly in the world of computers: Failure tends to be sudden and total. There is no such thing as perfect software or a perfect computer. Failures will happen. When they do, you do not usually lose "some" of your text – you lose it all. Everything.

However, if you adopt professional working practices, data on a computer is actually safer than data on paper. Hard to believe, but it's true; that's why banks use computers. Professionals use some or all of the techniques below to ensure that when failures occur, they simply frown, click a button, and carry on without loss or pain.

The Basics

When to Back Up

How to Back Up

How Many Backups To Keep

Useful Links

Déjà Vu – Backup software for the Mac.

Data Backup [Lene Fredborg, 13-Jan-2020: Removed outdated link to] – Backup software for the Mac.

Backup Strategies for Small Businesses – Backing up workstations and servers.

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