Global Templates & Third-Party Add-Ins

Article contributed by Beth Rosengard

Global templates, also called Add-ins – and also called “haxies” when installed by independent software vendors – are stored in Word’s Startup folder. These templates can provide numerous helpful functions (macros, styles, toolbars, etc.) but can also cause conflicts with Word. You may have knowingly installed such Add-ins but they can also be installed withoutyour knowledge.

Those that are well known sources of trouble are Adobe PDFMaker, EndNote’s Cite While you Write (CWYW) and WindowShade. Once you’ve identified a problem Add-in, it’s worthwhile to check the manufacturer’s website for more information.

Troubleshooting Procedure: Quit Word and open Word’s Startup folder: /Applications/Microsoft Office (X or 2004)/Office/Startup/Word. Drag the contents to the Desktop. If the problem disappears, add them back in one by one until you find the culprit.

Note: The Endnote conflict with Word X is one of the causes of a Red X replacing the display of graphics. There are others as detailed in the Problem 2 section of the letter from Microsoft reproduced below. Since both of these problems are caused by circumstances external to Word, we have every reason to believe they can affect Word 2004 equally.

To all our MacWord X customers:

We have been receiving reports about the inability of Word X to display graphics in certain documents, and instead showing a “Red X”. This is an expected occurrence when the Word cannot display the graphic, due to lack of memory, lack of a required graphic converter or corrupt image.

We have investigated the reports and have identified 2 scenarios where Red X’s would appear unexpectedly:

Problem 1: Documents created or modified in MacWord X display “Red X’s” when opened up in Word version 2002 for Windows (or earlier).

Solution: Word version 2002 for Windows is currently missing a graphic filter that enables it to display certain graphics added or modified in MacWord X. This graphic filter will be available as part of a Service Pack update from Office Update sometime after January 2004. This graphic filter is already included as part of the Word 2003 for Windows install.

Problem 2: Documents opened in MacWord X will sometimes display graphics as “Red X’s”.

Solution: We have identified a conflict with certain built-in & 3rd party components and Word. Plug-ins such as “Endnote” as well as built-in items like “Camera and Scanner Plug-in” will cause this issue when they are loaded. Endnote is loaded automatically when Word is launched, while “Camera and Scanner Plug-in” loads when selecting it from the “Insert | Picture” sub-menu. This issue can also occur in Mac Word 2001.

In order to work-around this issue one must not load these plug-ins and disable those that start automatically by temporarily removing them from the “Microsoft Office X:Office:Startup:Word” folder. We currently do not have an update to Word X that addresses this issue directly.

Another item to note is that if you run into either of these issues, the integrity of the graphics will remain and even though Word will be unable to display the images, they will be saved with the document correctly.

Matt Centurion

Macintosh Business Unit – Microsoft

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