How to control PowerPoint from Word

Article contributed by Dave Rado

The following code sample allows you to insert upside-down or rotated text in a Word document. It creates a text box in PowerPoint, puts text in it, formats the text, flips or rotates it (your choice), copies the text box and pastes it into Word as a picture.

You can get the syntax for most things you might want to do within PowerPoint with the aid of PowerPoint's macro recorder.

The code uses Early Binding. It checks to see if PowerPoint is running. If it is, the code uses the existing instance of PowerPoint; if not, the code creates a new instance.

First set a reference to PowerPoint (in the VB Editor, select Tools + References).

Option Explicit


Dim oDoc As Document, MyRange As Range
Dim oPPT As PowerPoint.Application
Dim PPTWasNotRunning As Boolean
Dim oPres As PowerPoint.Presentation
Dim oSlide As PowerPoint.Slide, oShape As PowerPoint.Shape

Set oDoc = ActiveDocument
System.Cursor = wdCursorWait
StatusBar = "Starting PowerPoint ..."

'If PPT is running, get a handle on it; otherwise start a new instance
On Error Resume Next
oPPT = GetObject(, "PowerPoint.Application")
If Err Then
    PPTWasNotRunning = True
    Set oPPT = New PowerPoint.Application
End If
On Error GoTo Err_Handler

With oPPT
    'Create a new presentation and a new slide
    Set oPres = .Presentations.Add(WithWindow:=msoTrue)
    Set oSlide = oPres.Slides.Add(1, ppLayoutBlank)
    'Create a text box and set its poperties
    Set oShape = oSlide.Shapes.AddTextbox _
            (msoTextOrientationHorizontal, 100, 100, 10, 10)
    With oShape.TextFrame
        .WordWrap = msoFalse
        .MarginLeft = 0#
        .MarginRight = 0#
        .MarginTop = 0#
        .MarginBottom = 0#
        'Put some text in it
         With .TextRange
            .Text = Chr$(147) & "Nobody," & Chr$(148) & _
                    " he said, as he slid down the banister, " _
                    & vbCr & Chr$(147) & "Nobody," & Chr$(148) & _
                    " he said, as he landed on his head, " _
                    & vbCr & Chr$(147) & "Nobody, but nobody could call me a fussy man " _
                    & Chr$(150) & vbCr & Chr$(147) & "But I do like a little bit of butter on my bread!" _
                    & Chr$(148)
            'Format the texr
            .Font.Name = "Times New Roman"
            .Font.Size = 12
            .Paragraphs(3).Words(5).Font.Italic = msoTrue
            .Paragraphs(4).Words(4).Font.Italic = msoTrue
        End With
        'For upside down text, flip it vertically
        oShape.Flip msoFlipVertical
        'Or if you want to rotate the text, use something like the following instead
        'oShape.Rotation = -45
    End With
    'Copy the text box
End With

'Back to Word
Set MyRange = oDoc.Windows(1).Selection.Range
MyRange.PasteSpecial Link:=False, DataType:=wdPasteEnhancedMetafile

'Close the presentation
If PPTWasNotRunning Then
End If
'Make sure you release object references.
Set oPPT = Nothing
oDoc = Nothing
System.Cursor = wdCursorNormal
StatusBar = ""

'Quit if no errors
Exit Sub

    MsgBox Err.Description, vbCritical, "Error: " & Err.Number
    If PPTWasNotRunning Then
    End If
   System.Cursor = wdCursorNormal
   StatusBar = ""

End Sub