How to create a copy of an open document

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If your current document has been saved at least once, the following will:


create a new document that is an exact copy of the current document – it will include any modifications that have not yet been saved.


prompt you for a location and filename to save this copy (you can hardcode the path and filename if you like)


close this copy

All this occurs without saving the current document.

Dim myCopy As Document
Dim docName As String

' Retrieve name of ActiveDocument
docName = ActiveDocument.Name

' Test if Activedocument has previously been saved
If ActiveDocument.Path = "" Then

    ' If not previously saved
MsgBox "The current document must be saves at least once."


    ' If previously saved, create a copy
    Set myCopy = Documents.Add(ActiveDocument.FullName)

    ' Show SaveAs dialog to allow user to save copy
With Dialogs(wdDialogFileSaveAs)
        ' Set name in SaveAs dialog
.Name = "Copy_of_" & docName
    End With

    ' Close copy

End If

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